who we are

It is amazing how a small seed can become a large and beautiful tree that provides fruit and shade. This is the process we’ve been a part of in the few short years since 2003 when we launched Enhance Accessories with a few pieces of jewellery to sell at the local craft markets in Brisbane, Australia.  We’ve now grown to supply thousands of retailers in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. And our growth journey continues…

About enhance accessories


Enhance Accessories aspires to the highest standards in everything we do. As we grow, we aim to maintain our personable approach to business – while controlling quality and maintaining customer satisfaction with professionally designed systems. This focus results in another natural by-product – the growth of the business itself.


Enhance Accessories has a deliberate agenda to make life better for some of the world’s poorest people.  We aim to benefit everyone with whom we come into contact:

  • Customers: Revenue and profits from our products
  • Staff: Employment income and personal growth
  • Suppliers: Revenue and profits from our purchases
  • Consumers: A selection of beautiful, affordable fashion jewellery

We use a proportion of our profits to specifically focus on providing practical help and funding for organisations and projects that provide permanent solutions to significantly improve the lives of:

  • Orphaned children
  • Victims of human trafficking
  • Physically and/or mentally disabled people
  • Unemployed and poverty-stricken people in countries where little or no government assistance is provided


Enhance Accessories has a selection of beautiful fashion jewellery products. But more than that, we want to be an organisation that adds beauty and value to people’s lives.


Enhance Accessories introduces hundreds of new fashion jewellery and accessory products through seasonal trade shows and catalogues. The fashion industry changes fast, but the thousands of different product lines that we have carried over the years have resulted in continual sales growth for Enhance Accessories.


Just as a tree has strong connections to the earth and its environment, we aim to have strong and mutually beneficial relationships. We know we are connected to our customers, staff, consumers, suppliers and others – and we treat each connection with respect.

If you want to connect with us, please contact us.